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How to:  Dried Flowers 
Here at Oak Leaf Studio we use silica to dry our flowers.
It is readily avaiable from your local craft store.

You can save 5 days in drying time by using the microwave.
The instructions are below followed by photographs of dried roses.


1.  Take a plastic box about the size of a shoebox and put an inch of silica in the bottom.

2.  GENTLY place the roses (5 to 8 depending on size) in the silica for support.

3.  GENTLY sprinkle the silica over the roses until covered.
     ( being careful not to distort the flowers )

4.  Tap box to settle silica and top up as needed.

5.  Place in microwave for 2 min. on high. ( if silica is cold )

6.  Leave overnight to cool and finish the drying process. 
     ( Leaving them in the silica supports and keeps flowers in their original form )

7.  Remove flowers from silica gently tapping rose to remove any residue.

8.  Any flowers can be dried in this way, but just use one layer in the microwave.

a..  If you want to remove the flowers so as to use silica immediately, you will have to 
    support them. When removed from hot silica flowers are soft and floppy.

b.  When using silica often at the same session, remember it remains hot. Microwave      times  should be cut down to accomadate this.  EXPERIMENT.

c.   Some darker blooms are not suitable as they turn black. Try and choose a lighter 
      colour that when dried will give the shade needed.

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