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FREE Signal Box

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This is a large jpeg file.
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I have added extra windows, doors etc.
Just in case you want to layer the model.

Signal Box
This is a free project for you to print out.
It is very easy to make.

1.   Cut out.
2.   Score all folds.
3.   Glue main building block.
4.   Glue roof to block.
5.   Glue chimney together.
6.   Fill chimney with glue.
7.   Insert piece of straw before glue dries.
8.   Paint glued area and straw black.
9.   Cut chimney base to fit roof.
11. Glue to roof.
12. Glue building down to sand paper.
13. Paint a straw black.
14. Cut in half for gutter.
15. Cut straw to fit and glue to each side.

(under the roof line)
16. Paint a couple of toothpicks black.
17. Cut to size and glue to gutter and base.
18. cut out step struts, fold and glue flat.
19. cut out steps, fold and glue flat.
20. Glue one step strut to building and base.
21. Glue steps to strut.
22. Glue other strut to building and base.
23. Glue steps to strut.
24. Weather with talc.
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questions or comments
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